Installing and Configuring SCCM 2016 – Stage 2 Installation

Now that we have covered all the prerequisites in the previous post we can now start the SCCM 2016 installation.

There are so many great books on this subject but you are looking for a great resource this is what I used for these guides and to setup SCCM in the organisation I work for.  It will take you from zero knowledge to expert and was essential reading for me.

Using the account you created for SCCM administration launch the splash.hta file from your installation media.  Then click Install and click Next

Select Install a Configuration Manager primary site and click Next

Enter your licence details and click Next

Accept the terms of the licence agreements and click Next

Enter a path for the prerequisite downloads (needed if you need to exit the installation and come back to it) then click Next

The configuration files are then downloaded, click Next when this is complete

Select the languages you want available for the console and reports and then click Next

Select the languages you want available for client machines and then click Next

Choose a 3 digit site code for your Site Server and give the site a name.  Also specify the installation path and choose whether or not you want the console installed then click Next

Choose whether you want to join the site to an existing hierarchy or install a  stand-alone site.  Then click next and say Yes to the prompt.

Enter your SQL server database information, I left the database name and service broker port as the defaults and click Next

The installer correctly picked up the correct locations for the data and log directories, configure as necessary and click Next

Specify the FQDN of your site management server.  I did not need to change anything here as everything is on one server

Choose Configure the communication method on each site system role and click Next

Check Install a management point and Install a distribution point and click Next and Next again on the Diagnostic and Usage Data screen

Choose Skip this for now on the Service Connection Point Setup screen and click Next, then Click Next on the Settings Summary screen

The installer will now run some prerequisite checks, as long as you completed everything in the prerequisite guide you should only see the three warnings listed below (which we can safely ignore).  Click Begin Install

The installer will now install all the required components

Once completed review the setup log and makes sure there are no errors, then click close.

You will now be able to open the SCCM 2016 console and start using the system

This completes the SCCM 2016 setup process.

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